50% Discount: Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special

50% Discount: Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special

For the rest of November 2020 (EST), you'll see a 50% discount automatically applied to ebook purchases. No limit on purchases. Just a thank you to those who've supported Coachwhip over the years.

Also, a reminder for those outside the U.S., to view titles available in your region, hover over the 'Available in the U.S.' tab and you'll see options for Canadian and Global readers. That should help you locate titles you can purchase. (Many titles are geographically locked, and unavailable where copyright restrictions don't allow.) Most titles are available for U.S. readers, but as I expand the title selection, some will only be available outside the U.S. (such as the J. J. Connington mysteries).


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Lisa Kucharski - Dec 13, 2020


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