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Whitechurch / Thorne / Torgerson: Murder on the Rails

Whitechurch / Thorne / Torgerson: Murder on the Rails

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This volume of railway mystery stories includes two short story collections and one novel. The first collection of stories, by Victor L. Whitechurch, involve Godfrey Page, a self-professed ‘railway maniac,’ or railwayac, who uses his detailed knowledge of the British rail system to solve puzzling mysteries on the tracks. Guy Thorne’s Sir Jasper Buckland features in the second collection of stories, telling his adventures over the years as he climbed through the ranks of the Great Union Railway. In Edwin D. Torgerson’s The Mystery of the Private Car, a millionaire is hosting a rolling party in his private car when he decides to rid his life of the various ‘leeches’ and hangers-on; when he’s murdered, there are plenty of suspects for the Canadian police to investigate.

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