About Coachwhip

Coachwhip started publishing print-on-demand books in 2004. With over 500 titles published (and over 50,000 books printed), I've tried to help readers find books in highly niche subjects as well as long-forgotten titles that are back in print.

My goal is to eventually have most of my fiction titles as epubs here, along with a number of reprints that wouldn't do well in print, but might find readers as an ebook. I may also look into putting up PDFs for some nonfiction titles (especially image-heavy books). I have a fairly long list of potential future titles, but feel free to let me know if you have a suggestion. Just keep in mind that copyright issues may hinder my ability to consider some titles (like most British mysteries, etc.).

Product pages are geographically locked, so U.S. readers will only be able to see products available there, U.K. readers the same, etc. This is for copyright purposes. If you think a title should be available (public domain) in your region, but you can't access it, feel free to let me know. I may be able to change the lock.