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Herbert Arment Sherlock

Black Powder Snapshots

Black Powder Snapshots

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Black Powder Snapshots is an illustrated history of the use of black powder firearms in American history. Herbert Arment Sherlock (1899-1983) illustrates the use of black powder rifles and pistols with exciting vignettes of colonial, western, and military scenes. Sherlock was a modern user of black powder firearms and an authority on their use in the early days of America. As an artist, he highlights the subject in such a delightful manner as to inform and inspire anyone with an interest in this historical period.

Publishing Note

Black Powder Snapshots was first published in 1946.

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This is a fixed-layout epub (facsimile reprint). It is an approximately 40MB download. We recommend viewing on desktop with a reader such as the free Kotobee reader.

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