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Virginia Rath

Rath: Epitaph for Lydia

Rath: Epitaph for Lydia

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Dragged to an art tea, Michael Dundas meets a young woman who is wearing a dress he designed, and who is visibly disturbed by a painting of a sand dune. When the young woman is later murdered, apparently on her way to visit him, he is drawn into a puzzling mystery that revolves around a group of friends who harbor more than one secret of their own.


First published in 1942.


A Michael Dundas mystery.


“Virginia Rath has devised an intriguing problem in Epitaph for Lydia, a story of the strange trail pursued by Michael Dundas, the dressmaker-sleuth, in an effort to get at the background for Lydia’s murder and eventually, to bring the villain to justice. Miss Rath writes carefully, taking pains to provide a good narrative with sound characterization and ingenious plotting. The results are very gratifying.” (Oakland, California, Tribune, June 21, 1942)

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