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Ladislas Farago

Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading

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Behind the headlines and official dispatches there was another World War II. This was the violent, deadly struggle waged between the great intelligence services of the warring powers. It was a war fought in secrecy, under cover of elaborate deceptions and ruthless lies. But it was a war whose victories and defeats were sometimes as important as any decisions reached on a field of battle. Burn After Reading was the first comprehensive account of this subterranean contest. In its dramatic, fully documented pages are told the absorbing stories of the great wartime intelligence organizations—the Abwehr, M.I.5, the Deuxieme Bureau, O.S.S. The activities of modern spymasters such as Admiral Canaris and Allen Dulles are described in vivid detail and all the major espionage and intelligence operations of the war are faithfully reconstructed.


First published in 1961.

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