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Harold D. Laswell

Propaganda Technique in the World War

Propaganda Technique in the World War

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Harold D. Lasswell’s thesis offers a general theory of the strategy and role of propaganda within a military campaign. While the examples focus on the First World War, the principles and patterns carry over to modern day warfare, politics, business, and social movements. We undergo a constant barrage of overt and covert propaganda, which can only be effectively countered by recognizing it and understanding its function. This well-written book is both objective and discerning while explaining how and why propaganda works.

This reprint includes two supplemental papers, “Propaganda behind the lines,” by Maj. C. J. C. Street, and “Control of propaganda as a psychological problem,” by Prof. Edward K. Strong, Jr., both referenced in Lasswell’s text.


First published in 1927.

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