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John M. O'Connor

O'Connor: Anonymous Footsteps

O'Connor: Anonymous Footsteps

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A group of people are isolated by a snowstorm on an island mansion in a lake in the Adirondacks. Henry Lanard is murdered, a knife to the chest, but he was already dying of pneumonia. So why was he killed? His family, his staff and servants, his physician and nurse are all trapped on the island with the body, and they are soon joined by an unexpected guest. But is the killer finished, or are more deaths to come?


First published in 1932.


“No matter whom you may suspect of the murder with which this story opens, the odds are that he or she will be dead before the end of the book.  One after another the members of the Lanard household die violent deaths in their island home in the Adirondacks.  No police are at hand to ferret out the murderer, for a wintry gale has cut off all communication with the mainland…. an entertaining and absorbing yarn.”—New York Times Book Review (1932)

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