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Minna Bardon

Bardon: Blood-Red Death

Bardon: Blood-Red Death

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The atmosphere didn’t crackle with suspense. Nobody felt a shiver of apprehension. Rather, Flo Fenton laughed at the ludicrous sight of a 265-pound woman, in diamonds and a cotton sunsuit, standing precariously on a ladder and reaching for a ripe tomato. . . . A minute later, the ladder had broken and the “Duchess” was dead. . . . By some trick of memory, Flo’s mind substituted for the scene before her another picture: herself as a young bride, a blood-smeared wedding dress, and a dead husband. Was there any connection? Was this, too, murder? Haunted by the past, horrified by the present, Flo found herself once more pursued by fear—and violent death.

Publishing Notes

Blood-Red Death was published in 1947.

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