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Minna Bardon

Bardon: The Case of the Advertised Murder

Bardon: The Case of the Advertised Murder

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A blood-curdling mystery yarn, teeming with action and human interest, packed with thrills, and lifting the element of suspense to the nth degree. When a beautiful young woman was found brutally murdered in the advertising department of a great luxury store, a ghoulish Roman holiday began. A campaign was launched whereby the store might capitalize on whatever publicity the crime afforded. But the mills of justice began to grind swiftly, and bright taglines gave way to stark headlines which commanded: Who killed Mary Smith? And who was responsible for the three violent deaths which followed? Too many suspects, too many motives, innumerable clues, set the entire police force on edge. But the answer was found by the matchless Hank Bemis, who declared that when bigger mysteries were uncovered, he’d be the one to solve them.

Publishing Note

Published in 1939.


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