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Mary Hastings Bradley

Bradley: Murder in the Family

Bradley: Murder in the Family

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Helen Cauldron Cromer is mistress of the lovely old manor house, Cauldron’s Folly, in the hills of Tennessee. With her live her cousin, John Cauldron, a young artist named Rawley who is evaluating the manor’s paintings, and three servants. Her brother, Burk, also spends much time there. When the story opens the family is awaiting the trial of the murderer of Helen’s daughter, Lucy, who was heir to the Folly. Helen has called in her girlhood sweetheart, Calvin Morse, a lawyer who now lives in New York, because she believes attempts are being made to kill her, too. Calvin soon discovers her fears are well founded and the threat comes from someone close to Helen. The solution hinges on the late Peter Cauldron’s will. By its terms Burk got practically nothing, Helen everything. But Burk’s children can inherit the estate, and Burk is about to marry beautiful Rita Rand who is indirectly implicated in Lucy’s murder. Calvin uncovers other suspects—people who stand to benefit by Helen’s death. Can he discover the one who is trying to murder her? A gripping finale brings to light a deadly plot.

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