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Mary Hastings Bradley

Bradley: Nice People Poison

Bradley: Nice People Poison

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“A tray of cocktail glasses, a shaker of martinis, and a glass of Bourbon and water. Five people, Nicholas Parr estimated, had access to that highball in the pantry. The husband. The sister. The maid. Tod Burton. Chet Taggart. . . . One of the five had put arsenic in the Bourbon.” Attorney Nicholas Parr’s investigation skillfully uncovers motive after motive in these five savory and unsavory lives which might have inspired murder. Veronica King had just changed her will, leaving her large estate to her young sister instead of her husband, Roger. The lives of the others, who were in the King mansion the fatal night, were entwined with the lives of the Kings. Each clue leads deeper into the tangle of jealousies, fears, and schemes. The events of the first murder are reenacted, and in the midst of this grisly drama, a second murder is done—a murder meant for someone else.

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