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Dorothy Foster Brown

Brown: Grimm Death

Brown: Grimm Death

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When Deacon Grimm was found dead in a neighbor’s barn, half the population of the New England village of Highbrook was suspect. The Deacon had not been a lovable character! Archer Brett, of the State Police, was no streamlined super-sleuth; he was only human, like the people and problems he had to contend with. Everyone, he found, had something to hide; seemingly innocent actions were twisted and darkened by suspicion until they emerged as perfect motives for murder, or positive signs of guilt. Archer did his best, but a second violent death complicated matters further before the murderer was caught and the puzzle of the Deacon’s demise satisfactorily solved.


“A maiden effort well written and with the stinger deftly concealed.” (Beatrice, NE, Times, 1946)

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