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Oliver Weld Bayer

Bayer: Brutal Question

Bayer: Brutal Question

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Alec Pike is back from the war, and working in radio as a 'man on the street' interviewing D. C. residents when he encounters a woman he met overseas. Her offer of a new job with an intriguing new radio format leads to a slow burn of suspense as Pike realizes she has connections to people who may be covering up details on the death of an old friend. And now someone wants Pike dead . . .


First published in 1947.


"Harvey Benson was supposed to have committed suicide by drowning his sorrows in a lake in Italy. This news was tsked at, accepted and finally forgotten. Alec Pike, a friend and admirer of Benson, knew Harvey wasn’t the type to succumb to his woes in such a manner. He didn’t know how right he was until he met Gloria Hart, a bit of sweetness and curves who sang and hoofed in the same USO outfit Harvey m.c.’d overseas.

"Pike acted as master of ceremonies for the broadcasts emanating from the stately mansion of Martha Finchley. Washington bigwigs and anybody who was worth his weight in gold attended the parties given by Mrs. Finchley and participated in the broadcasts. Pike was surprised to find that his clues linked some of these prominent people with the death of his friend.

"The story is there and at times so is the action."

(review, Knoxville, TN, Journal, 1947)

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