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Louis Cornell

Cornell: Murder Case Number 33

Cornell: Murder Case Number 33

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Wealthy members of the Osage tribe in Oklahoma are being wiped out, so New York detective Inspector Michael Joyce is asked to solve the murders and stop the killer. A murder mystery meets western adventure . . .


“Those who remember Poison Case No. 10 will find another thriller in Murder Case Number 33 by Louis Cornell, who writes the first American Indian mystery novel and lends spice to his plot by putting investigator Michael Joyce and his wide-awake secretary on the job. The Osage tribe, made rich by oil, is being slowly but surely wiped out. One of its members, a Rhodes scholar, asks Joyce to investigate the murders. From New York City, after an attempt to slay the tribal leader, the party is taken to Oklahoma, where there is plenty of local color and action. This is a mystery that is hard to equal, let alone surpass. A top-notcher.” (1932 review)

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