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Mary Meigs Atwater

Atwater: Crime in Corn-Weather

Atwater: Crime in Corn-Weather

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A hard-hearted banker in Iowa disappears, and the small town residents find themselves in the midst of a perfect murder: no corpse, just an abandoned Buick with blood on the back cushions. Mary Atwater slowly unfolds a fascinating story, revealing the aftermath and effects of the crime on the local townspeople. If you enjoy an atmospheric and suspenseful thriller, add Crime in Corn-Weather to your cart!


First published in 1935.


"Crime in Corn-Weather, by Mary M. Atwater, is the story of a perfect murder with no corpus delicti and no real clue. The reason for the murder and how the crime was concealed is gradually and skillfully unfolded. It is a realistic portrayal of the effect of a murder on the lives of a community." (‘New Books in Brief Review,’ Isabel Patterson, 1935)

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