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Marian Gallagher Scott

Scott: Dead Hands Reaching

Scott: Dead Hands Reaching

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“Beautiful Dallas Gantry, now a star of the New York stage, returns to the little village she had left fourteen years before to ask the husband from who she had fled to grant her a divorce. Jurden Keye, the husband, is everything that a man should not be, hard, cruel and vengeful. He refuses to grant her plea in an arrogant fashion and then— Well, Dead Hands Reaching is the story of the death of Jurden, followed by two other murders just as mysterious. Several people might have done the fatal deeds, but it will be a clever reader who can guess who is the guilty party.” (Sacramento, CA, Bee, 1932)


A Courtney Brade mystery.


“. . . a thriller which holds your interest until the very feasible conclusion. It is crammed full of excitement and the writer has developed the incidents so that you are always in suspense.” (Reading, PA, Times, 1932)

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