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Alexander Williams

Williams: Death over Newark

Williams: Death over Newark

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“Those who read The Jinx Theater Murder by the same author will find Detective Sergeant Pietro Tonelli just as keen on solving the murder in this last novel. Can you imagine one standing in Newark, or any other great city; hear the hum of an airplane, then see it swoop down close to the earth and drop a dead body? That’s what happened in Death Over Newark. The body was that of a great chemist in New York city. Investigation proved he had been murdered. In checking up the clews, a great narcotic ring was unearthed, and in running down the murderer, as well as others guilty of high crimes, Detective Tonelli was compelled to summon the aid of his keenest talents to save his own life and bring the guilty to justice. May Tonelli have another case soon.” (Spokane, WA, Chronicle, 1933)


First published in 1933.

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