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Emma Lou Fetta

Fetta: Dressed to Kill

Fetta: Dressed to Kill

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When a beautiful blonde is found in her railroad compartment dressed in long, woolen underwear topped by a red velvet evening gown, it takes an assistant D. A., plus a famous fashion designer, to solve the mystery.


First published in 1941.


Third in the Susan Yates / Lyle Curtis mystery series.


Susan Yates, the fashion designer, who is the beloved of Manhattan’s assistant district attorney, Lyle Curtis, has shared some of his most exciting adventures but none more baffling that that of the summary slaying of beautiful but wicked Prunella Parton whose lifeless body is found in her ski-train stateroom wearing a decollete evening gown over long winter underwear. There was something so incongruous here that Lyle was forced to turn to Susan for help and before long they were both involved in some pretty scandalous happenings. This is a sophisticated, diverting story, and its complicated plot is handled with sureness and finesse. (Hartford, CT, Courant, 1941)

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