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Ladislas Farago

German Psychological Warfare

German Psychological Warfare

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German Psychological Warfare is a critical survey and bibliography of German methods of military psychology and propaganda both in warfare and in molding a citizenry ripe for manipulation. The seeds for the rise of the Nazi Party and German aggression during World War II were sown at the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. Immediately recognizing the importance of national morale for what was to come, plans were drawn for the psychological guidance of the German people toward a life dedicated to the philosophy of Total War, where civilians and military alike support the Leader in creating a dominant Germany.

This book, published in America during World War II, extensively surveyed German publications to determine the psychological underpinnings of Germany’s aggression and tactics. It quickly becomes clear that the Nazi Party and German military officials, though not always in lockstep with each other, both relied heavily on psychological profiling, extensive testing, and a philosophical justification for their actions.


Published in 1941; this reprint based on updated 1942 edition.

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