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Edith Howie

Howie: Cry Murder

Howie: Cry Murder

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Mary Thorpe does her part for the war effort in the bustling little city of Nashiona (now bursting at the seams with trainees from the army school), mostly aiding her father who works with the USO. But military recruits are only temporarily stationed here, so she joins a local theater group to mix in with the locals. Things are going well, until the troupe is forced to work with a former colleague, now a famous New York playwright, Gordon Kearnes, who wants to test a new play. Mary doesn’t understand the hostile reactions, and it gets worse as Kearnes insists on including actress Nola Powers. Mary does her best to navigate the capricious waters, but soon finds herself entangled in a murder investigation—with herself as one of the suspects! It soon becomes apparent that this death is linked to the past, and the killer may not be finished . . .

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