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Edith Howie

Howie: The Band Played Murder

Howie: The Band Played Murder

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Connie Waring didn’t want to sing with a band; she wanted to be a concert pianist. But a spot on a home-talent radio program wasn’t likely to get her there. So she took on a job with dark, hawkish Gale Ullman who already had one too many women in his life. And she found his band was not only a thing of sound but fury. . . . There was Mandy Martin, beautiful firebrand singer, fiercely possessive of all things—especially Gale Ullman. And Tait Gilmore, trumpet player, who liked his music hot—and . . . Then a mysterious girl tried to see Connie in Chicago where she didn’t know anyone. . . . And in a small prairie town where the band was appearing for a week’s stand the murderer struck, and struck again. . . .

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