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Merwin / Somerville / Footner: Femmes Audacieuses

Merwin / Somerville / Footner: Femmes Audacieuses

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Lady Can Do (1929): Elsie Penn has been hired on as social secretary to a wealthy collector of Eastern antiquities and his wife, only to have great misgivings after meeting the eccentric couple. Before she can leave the estate, murder strikes—and Elsie is drawn into the investigation as she sees the police focus their attention on a perhaps-too-easy target. Alice Royce, Girl Detective (1912-1913): There are no frills with Alice Royce, who takes her job seriously with skill and intuition. She works cases that require secrecy and delicate handling, while yet performing under dangerous conditions. Taken from a newspaper serial, these stories are full of crime-fighting and adventure. The Adventures of Edda Manby (1934-1935): Edda Manby doesn’t go looking for trouble, but she’s not afraid to tackle it head on when the situation warrants (or the rent money is due). A keen observer of human nature, she is always willing to help when she sees someone in trouble. (Though, she never takes her ardent suitors too seriously, especially if they treat her like a damsel in distress.)

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