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E. Lee Waddell

Waddell: Murder at Drake's Anchorage

Waddell: Murder at Drake's Anchorage

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This suspenseful tale of murder and intrigue takes place at a private school set on a desolate mountain ridge of the California sea coast. With the sudden disappearance of the school's headmaster, Alrik Lind, Drake’s Anchorage is thrown into a state of turmoil.

Who murdered Miss Breckenridge, Lind’s eccentric secretary? Why was the school’s reputation in dire jeopardy? Who was the ex-GI that was found lurking on the school grounds? What was at the base of the vicious whispering campaign against Lind? And why was the beautiful and wealthy widow, Mrs. Maxwell, II, so anxious to find out the real truth?

Murder at Drake’s Anchorage introduces an author of unusual talent. Fine character drawing, vivid background, and steadily mounting suspense demonstrate her ability to produce a well-knit mystery novel that will keep you spellbound to the last page.


First published in 1949.

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