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Maude Parker

Parker: Murder in Jackson Hole

Parker: Murder in Jackson Hole

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A solution to money troubles at a western dude ranch hinge on upcoming nuptials, but the unwelcome intrusion of an ex-Hollywood western star with a roving eye leads to deadly circumstances.


First published in 1955.


“In spite of the beauty of the Grand Teton country, and the relaxations and comforts of a dude ranch, to Elizabeth Little, vacationing with her lawyer husband, Jim, there was a hint of tragic uneasiness in the air. Perhaps it was that the shadow of a twenty-year-old murder charge still hovered over their hosts the Sloanes, though they had long since been vindicated. Perhaps it was the unwelcome presence of a new wrangler, Spike Noland, an ex-Hollywood actor. Perhaps it was Brad Sloane’s impeccable cousin, Rosamond from New York. What began as a premonition of violence soon developed into actuality.” (Mary Beckwith, Beatrice, NE, Daily Sun, 1955)

“The dude ranch was well-run—the scenery was magnificent—but suggestions of tragedy were in the clear mountain air. The appearance of Spike Noland, “Lothario of the Lariat” and ex-Hollywood actor, brought to light secrets hidden for many years. An old murder charge in which the ranch owner had been involved draws guests and friends into the circle of events, as Noland lives up to his reputation as a ‘bad’ performer. A smoothly written mystery, its plot is completely developed and its characters are neither bizarre nor trite.” (F.A.P., Rochester, NY, Democrat and Chronicle, 1955)

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