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Ada E. Lingo

Lingo: Murder in Texas

Lingo: Murder in Texas

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“It is the story of a big-time murder in a small town, with the atmosphere of a hard-boiled newspaper office, a background of ‘hot oil’ and sudden gushers, and the intensity of a Texas heat wave. The heroine, Joan Shields, a girl reporter, takes time off from writing up local bridge parties to investigate the sensational oil-well murder of John Fordman, the first citizen of the town. She gets hold of Richard Fields, a private detective from St. Louis, but before they have done more than uncover disconnected clues, Samuel Ross, the local banker, is found murdered in his bathroom. There is a whirlwind finish which leaves the reader gasping, and a conclusion which is as unexpected as it is logical. It will prove well worth your while to read this thrilling Lingo novel.” (Oakdale, LA, Journal, 1935)


First published in 1935.

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