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J. J. Connington

Connington: Murder in the Maze

Connington: Murder in the Maze

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Two brothers are murdered in separate sections of a family manor’s hedge maze, and Sir Clinton Driffield must track down the killer through a maze of false clues.


Sir Clinton Driffield, the chief constable of an English shire, a modern warrior resting from his wars, is the hero-detective. He is drawn in a light vein. There is nothing melodramatic, nothing over-drawn about him. He does things and we think as we read, “why, I might have done that very thing.” Strangest of all, he is a detective with a sense of humor. . . .

The Murder in the Maze will afford you three hours of very pleasant reading and diversion. You will enjoy Mr. Connington’s style and diction and we believe you will join with the English press in awaiting his next volume with interest. (Raleigh, NC, News and Observer, 1927)

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