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Jack Dolph

Dolph: Murder is Mutuel

Dolph: Murder is Mutuel

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Doc Connor looks into the disappearance of Panty Burke, a 'percentage operator' at the racetrack, at the behest of Burke’s heart-broken fiancée. The police have their own idea on the matter, so Connor has to keep out of his pal Lieut. Eddie Marsh’s way while building his own case.


First published in 1948. Second in series.


“Dolph’s latest, Murder is Mutuel, deals with the disappearance of Panty Burke, a ‘percentage operator’ and somewhat shady character, wanted by the police in connection with a little matter concerning counterfeit pari-mutuel tickets. Lieut. Marsh has Panty pegged for the job and also for a couple of murders that develop in the course of operations, while Doc Connor goes along with Panty’s lovely fiancée in believing him innocent. Who is right and why makes a lively tale that fairly bounces from page to page.” (Sibyl Gill, Detroit, MI, Free Press, 1948)

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