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Willoughby Sharp

Sharp: Murder of the Honest Broker

Sharp: Murder of the Honest Broker

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Murder at the New York Stock Exchange! And not just one dead stockbroker but two! Both men, it is soon learned, were mysteriously poisoned, much to the irritation of the man in charge of the case, the sardonic Inspector Bullock. “Don’t tell me it’s a strange, oriental poison known only to the high priests of an obscure tribe in the upper Himalayas,” he wisecracks. “Don’t tell me that, ’cause I’m way behind on my Fu-Manchu stories.” Inspector Bullock scoffs at Great Detectives like Philo Vance and Drury Lane (“those mincing, namby-pamby, know-it-alls”), but he soon finds himself confronting one of those fiendishly complicated murder problems that so delight fans of Golden Age detective fiction.


First published in 1934.

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