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Virginia Rath

Rath: Posted for Murder

Rath: Posted for Murder

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Trouble runs in the family, Michael Dundas soon discovers, as his cousin Ian comes to him when Ian's wife is found murdered. The police are looking for Ian, leaving it up to Michael to uncover the true killer.


First published in 1942.


A Michael Dundas mystery.

“Michael Dundas, couturier and detective, tackles a pretty nearly bomb-proof case in this onea murder that could only have been committed by the wrong man. He solves it, though, and very neatly, too, in a story marked by its fine characterization of all the people in it, and especially by its corrosive portrayal of a woman whose very virtue was poisonous. It is an exceptionally good piece of work.” (Baltimore, Maryland, Evening Sun, October 12, 1942)
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