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Strange Tropics

Strange Tropics

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Tropical and sun-drenched climates have their fair share of haunts and high strangeness, whether emanating from ancient landmarks, incongruous cultures, or the ubiquity of human tragedy. Twenty short tales are included here, running the gamut of ghosts and haunted places to curses, strange beasts, and primeval spirits. Stories include: Ballairai Durg, Anonymous (1886); The Recrudescence of Imray, Rudyard Kipling (1888); Some Australian Ghost Stories, T. J. B. (1890); The Mark of the Beast, Rudyard Kipling (1890); Caulfield’s Crime, Alice Perrin (1892); Guarded by a Ghost, David Ker (1892); The Haunted Station, Hume Nisbet (1892); The Dâk Bungalow at Dakor, Bithia Mary Croker (1893); “To Let”, Bithia Mary Croker (1893); A Malagasy Ghost-Story, C. P. Cory (1893); The North Devonshire Ghost Story, A. Louis Paul (1894); Pollock and the Porroh Man, H. G. Wells (1895); The Square Diamond, Clinton Ross (1896); The Tiger-Charm, Alice Perrin (1901); The Grove of Ashtaroth, John Buchan (1910); The Red Bungalow, Bithia Mary Croker (1919); The Nameless City, H. P. Lovecraft (1921); The Horn, Hilton Brown (1922); The Abu Laheeb, Lord Dunsany (1926); The Tree-Man, Henry S. Whitehead (1931)

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