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Darwin L. Teilhet

Teilhet: The Ticking Terror Murders

Teilhet: The Ticking Terror Murders

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The Baron Franz Maximilian Karagôz und Von Kaz, formerly a high-level Austrian detective, now a political exile, arrives penniless in California, but is soon offered a job. Is motion picture star Lucille Tarn’s husband trying to kill her? Murder changes the direction of the Baron’s investigation, but he finds himself hampered by cultural differences, his own pride, and a quick temper. California is a long way from Austria, and these barbarous North Americans just don’t understand how brave and brilliant the Baron truly is . . .


“The fantastic and likeable Baron von Kaz earns a badly needed $5,000 fee by solving the murder of a lovely Hollywood star. Full of surprises and chuckles. It’s one of the better detective yarns.” (1935)

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