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Elliot Paul

Paul: The Black and the Red

Paul: The Black and the Red

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Trust Homer Evans, that epicurean among detectives, to chose Las Vegas, Nevada, as the newest field for his unorthodox investigations into murder and assorted skullduggeries. In the American capital of sky-high gambling and lavish entertainment, of explosions—temperamental and nuclear—of gangsters and atomic scientists, the imperturbable sleuth unravels a mystery that is a sinister as it is wildly fanciful. The touch of madness in Elliot Paul’s method adds to his extravaganzas of crime the fillip of satire and the zest of his own riotous imagination. As capricious and unpredictable as the roll of the dice or the fall of the roulette ball, The Black and the Red pays off at fabulous odds. The reader is the winner!


First published in 1956.

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