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Douglas Stapleton and Helen A. Carey

Stapleton and Carey: The Corpse is Indignant

Stapleton and Carey: The Corpse is Indignant

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Judge Massie, the "beloved old fraud," takes time out from reeelaxin’ long enough to putter his way through a murder without a corpse and a corpse without a murder until he finally puts one of his pudgy fingers on the guilty party. You’ll find the most unexpected corpse you’ve ever run across. It is indignant at being called a corpse. It goes walking in spats, carries a cane, even whistles—and it dies three deaths at once. The Corpse Is Indignant is anything but gentle. Nevertheless, the native good humor that streaks its pages will give you many a laugh as you go through one of the most astonishing series of crimes ever told in a book.


First published in 1946.

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