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Clifford Orr

Orr: The Dartmouth Murders

Orr: The Dartmouth Murders

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“Byron Coates, a college senior, is found dead on one of the dormitory fire escapes in the dawn of a November morning, an autopsy reporting death as due to a sharp instrument piercing the brain. In the twilight of the same day, a second killing occurs, when hundreds are present at a meeting, while a shot in a ruined inn silenced the third victim—all three murders being solved by a woman’s cry. The father of a roommate of the first victim, a keen student of criminology, is designated by the university president to assist in finding a solution of the mysterious happenings. . . . From start to finish there is no let-up in the absorbing character of the tale, until the sensational denouement takes place, carrying the reader’s interest along at a breathless pace throughout.” (Montreal Gazette, 1929)


First published in 1929.

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