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Owen Fox Jerome

Jerome: The Golf Club Murder

Jerome: The Golf Club Murder

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A detective story that might as well have been called ‘Busting Up the Old Home Town.’ For, though Mr. Fosdick was killed on the golf course, the event happened coincidentally with the return home of a town boy who had made millions in oil. He started back with the intention of slapping down the banker who had ruined his father, but before he got as far as that he had a first-class fist fight with the district attorney and forthwith assumed charge of the murder case. The local editor, foreclosed out of his paper, was the accused man, and John Hardy first bought his paper, next undertook to clear him, thirdly found the State’s case ridiculous on the face of it, and entirely and all times raised merry Hades with a set of unbelievable villains. It is a rattling good yarn, with most satisfying drama slung in on every page.” (Boston Globe, 1929)


First published in 1929.


Owen Fox Jerome was the detective novel pen name for Oscar Jerome Friend (1897-1963).

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