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Stanley Vestal

Vestal: The Wine Room Murder

Vestal: The Wine Room Murder

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“A fine taste in wines; a knowledge of what the right vintage might do toward releasing inhibitions, brightening the intellect or quickening the memory, have place in the solving of deep mystery in The Wine Room Murder. In this sophisticated detective story . . . readers are introduced immediately to all possible suspects. They are allowed to form their own conclusions and trail with the amateur detective to triumph or surprise. A beautiful woman, who is also acquisitive and hard, is murdered in the cellar of a famous winery. Then the proprietor of the place is found slain and plunged in a cask of his wine. Present are a number to invite suspicion. . . . The author arrives at his solution by a process of elimination and, also, by serving the right wines at the right moments. He spins a mystery yarn unadorned by love play and scrupulously adheres to the probable. There is no recourse to scientific methods and there is no trickery in this book. Here is a mystery tale well developed and logical; one which plays fair with readers to give them mental exercise and entertainment.” (Oakland, CA, Tribune, 1935)


First published in 1935.


Pseudonym of Walter Campbell.

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