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Todd Downing

Downing: Vultures in the Sky

Downing: Vultures in the Sky

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Hugh Rennert of U.S. Customs is traveling on an Express train crossing into Mexico at Laredo. As the train emerges from a tunnel, a passenger is found dead, and it is up to Rennert to determine which of the other passengers is a killer.


First published in 1935.


A Hugh Rennert Mystery.


. . . a mystery tale that you will not put down until you have finished it. The locale is in the Southwest and there are all the elements of the highly exciting detective yarn present. (Twin Falls, ID, Evening Times, 1935)

A highly satisfying maze of clues, each with its logical justification, and all so neatly hidden that it takes a mild form of genius to beat the detective to it. And a plentiful injection of that Mexican atmosphere, sinister, matter-of-fact in the face of death, and yet not melancholy, which is Todd Downing’s chief distinction as a mystery writer. Oh, yes, and a highly satisfying punishment for the murderer. (Daily Oklahoman, 1935)

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