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Elliot Paul

Paul: Waylaid in Boston

Paul: Waylaid in Boston

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Homer Evans and Finke Maguire, private detectives, are in Boston enjoying an evening with friends, when conversation turns to the methods of detective work. A bet is made—to win, a man must be tailed. But a light-hearted wager turns to mystery with a disappearance, then murder. What, and who, is working behind the scenes? Throw in a love triangle, shady South American financial dealings, and a bag full of snakes, and you’ve got another free-for-all adventure that requires the erudite Homer Evans to untangle a strange puzzle.


First published in 1953.


“Elliot Paul brews another of his lethal literary cocktails in ‘Waylaid in Boston’ . . . The sophisticated sleuth Homer Evans and his lieutenant Finke Maguire again encounter murder, this time in the very capital of propriety. Characters, outlandish; plot, sheer humorous lunacy.” (Ralph Morrissey, 1953)

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