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Laverne Rice

Rice: Well Dressed for Murder

Rice: Well Dressed for Murder

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Jocelyn King, with a Broadway background, married Hamilton Shephard, of the “Shephards speak only to God” stratum, and soon brought everyone connected with Shephard House into contact with jealousy, avarice, shoddiness and, finally, murder. To the Shephards’ friends Jocelyn’s removal was eminently satisfactory, even though its manner was startling; to the tabloids and the general public Jocelyn was a victim of class pride. The police took neither view, but doggedly traced every movement and every contact of the notorious Jocelyn. Through intricate detail work, and the unearthing of past secrets, the killer was finally brought to book.


First published in 1938.


“Distinguished by smooth writing and excellent characterization, Well Dressed for Murder is a first mystery story, with a complicated plot that is worked out to t surprise finish.” (Burlington, VT, Daily News, 1938)

“The author has not only given us a well-constructed mystery story with a surprising, yet perfectly logical, solution; she has also contrived to convey a vivid impression of the horror, the suspicion and the suspense among a group of people, each of whom knows that some one of the others is a murderer.” (St. Joseph, MO, News-Press, 1938)

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