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Medora Field

Field: Who Killed Aunt Maggie?

Field: Who Killed Aunt Maggie?

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Aunt Maggie arrives unexpectedly in the middle of an engagement party hosted by Bill and Sally Stuart for their friends Claire and Bob. Several other friends have settled in for the weekend celebration at the charming family mansion in Georgia, but room is made for the innocuous, though talkative, Aunt Maggie (whose interests mostly concern the family genealogy). After she retires for the evening, however, it isn’t long before she’s found murdered—strangled to death. Sally Stuart finds herself in the middle of a puzzling and increasingly dangerous investigation.


First published in 1939. It was filmed as a movie in 1940.


“Reads as though written by Mary Roberts Rinehart in collaboration with Edgar Allan Poe.” Galveston News (1939)

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